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Elements of the Table

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A forced bet that each player involved in a hand may place before any cards are dealt. The ante is usually used in the later stages of tournaments. The ante is smaller than the blinds.
Big Blind
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The big blind is a forced bet that is placed before any cards are dealt. The big blind is usually twice the small blind in poker. The player posting the big blind is left of the small blind and two players left of t...

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The disc that moves one space to the left after every hand to designate the player acting as the dealer for the hand. In hold'em, it is advantageous to be the dealer and last to act.
Community Cards
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They are the cards face up in the center of the table, which are shared by all the players in the hand. Community cards are also called "board cards" or "the board".
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The person dealing the cards and/or the player who has the button. That player acts last on every round of betting with the exception of the first round.
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The first three community cards in Texas holdem or Omaha.
Hole Cards
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The cards that you have in your hand, in Texas Holdem and Omaha. Those cards are dealt to each player before the first betting round, and will combine with the community cards to make the best 5 card possible hand.
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The sum of all money generated by wagers during a single hand. The winner of that hand wins de pot. A pot can be split by several players.
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The amount of each pot the casino/room takes as a fee. The rake is often between 3%-5% of the total pot. Some houses return a part of the monthly rake to the player, in the form of "Rakeback".
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The fifth and last community card in Texas holdem and Omaha.
Side Pot
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When a player is all-in, a "side pot" is created by additional bets of the other involved players. The all-in player doesn't pot to the sidepot.
Small Blind
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The small blind is a forced bet that is placed before any cards are dealt. The small blind is usually half the big blind in poker. The player posting the small blind is right of the big blind and left of the button.
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The stake is the amount of the remaining money/chips (cash/tournament) a player has. This don't include the money/chips that already are into the pot.
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The forth community card in Texas holdem and Omaha.

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