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When to end a session?

When to end a session?
2014 October 14

Hello, sometimes I'm not sure when to stop playing (I like poker too much!). Can you give me some advice about the good time to end a session?

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When to end a session?
2014 October 24

When you are going on tilt.
When you are falling sleep.
When all the fishes run away.

Comment: 2014 November 02

These are without doubt good reasons :)

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When to end a session?
2014 November 09

I have one reason when not to end a session: When you are winning a lot. It's a natural feeling wanting to "consolidate your winnings", but this makes no sense. When you are winning, your mind is in a good shape for playing, and your opponents may go on tilt.
The good time to end a session is the opposite: When you are losing and that affects you. However very few players have de discipline to do that.

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