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Are the poker books really useful?

Are the poker books really useful?
2014 March 24

I know that the books were very valuable in the past, but are they really useful today? Today's tables are harder, there is a lot of learning material on sites like this, so is it worth buying a book?

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Are the poker books really useful?
2014 March 26

Well, I think that book are fine if you are a beginner, but for advanced players it is better to read specific concepts and situation solving. Books usually don't talk about statistical info that is essential for online poker. So, read some books, then read only InitiaPoker ^_^

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Are the poker books really useful?
2014 March 25

I think poker books will always be useful, because even if you only learn a little bit, this will turn into a lot of money in the long run. Hold'em is Hold'em, the rules and concepts are the same. A good book will always be profitable.

Comment: 2014 March 25

Totally agree.

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