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When is cold-calling a right move?

When is cold-calling a right move?
2014 June 27

Hello, I've read in many books that cold calling is usually a wrong move, and either calling or folding are usually better. But when I watch videos like poker after dark, many pros cold-call pre-flop raises etc.

Can anyone explain to me why that is? Thank you.

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When is cold-calling a right move?
2014 July 02

What books did you read? On Limit Holdem, cold calling was 99% of the time wrong. But in NL, coldcalling pre-flop raises is usually the best option.

On the flop also, on Limit you should almost never call a bet, because raising or folding were the best options. On No Limit calling a flop bet can be a very aggressive move, in order to build a big pot and keep the villain on the hand.

Comment: 2014 July 06

Agree, cold calling pre in NL is a very good move when you are in position for the next rounds. If not, aggressive players usually try to end the hand as fast as possible, via 3bet, squeeze, etc.

Comment: 2014 July 09

Well, I don't think 3 betting is better when out of position. When you 3bet out of position you will have a hard time when 1+ villains call. But I agree making squeezes with weak hands out of position are good moves, because they tend to be speculative hand that either don't hit or hit very hard, and in the last case position doesn't care too much when you flop a monster.

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