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Highest "profitable" stakes online?

Highest "profitable" stakes online?
2014 March 21

Hello guys, I want to know if there is a "stake level" that is the threshold of profitability, because winning above that level is too difficult.

Does anyone know?

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Highest "profitable" stakes online?
2014 March 21

I think there is not. Some pro-players make lots of money on huge stake levels. But online, I think above NL50 things become quite complicated. Of course there are players that win playing NL1000 at stars, but they are a vast minority.

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Highest "profitable" stakes online?
2014 March 21

There is not a "highest profitable stake game". All the levels can be profitable, and all the levels can be frustrating. Of course, the higher the
level the more difficult winning is, but really talented and disciplined
players have climbed from low levels to the higher stakes games of the planet.

Comment: 2014 March 22

I agree with that, talent and discipline are what condition the higher you can get.

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