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How to explain poker strategy to a "limited" person

How to explain poker strategy to a "limited" person
2014 April 02

Hey, this weekend I'm teaching some of the poker basics to some of my family members that are very dense. Any advice from any teacher? Thanks!

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How to explain poker strategy to a "limited" person
2014 April 02

Lol I hope your family members don't read this post.

If they don't even know the rules, start from the beginning: Dealer, blinds, dealing cards, possible actions (Fold, Call, Bet, Raise), betting rounds (Pre-flop, Flop, Turn, River).

Then you can teach them the hand ranking (high pair, pair, double pair…).

Then tell them a little about the starting two cards selection, and practice for a while simulating a real game.

That's all :)

Comment: 2014 April 02

Thank you very much! Very good planning and structured concepts, I hope I'll be able to teach something to those donkeys!

Author Comment: 2014 April 03

Lol good luck!

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