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Live poker

Live poker
2014 May 06

Next week end I'm going with some friends to a live casino and will play cash. I'm fairly new to online poker, and never played live poker before. Any tips? Thank you very much.

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Live poker
2014 May 08

1) Players are looser. Make less bluffs, and more value bets.
2) Be careful playing "pairs" on multihanded pots. Don't invest too much money.
3) Speculative hands rise in value. Hand like AJo or KQo lose value.
4) Attack the drunken villains!
5) Attack the villains that comes from the roulette!

Comment: 2014 May 09

LOL I like 4 & 5 points!

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Live poker
2014 May 10

Nice summary. In general playing live is easier than playing online, but of course you can only play 1 table and a few hands/hour.

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Live poker
2014 May 12

Thank you very much for the tips, I really appreciate them!

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