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How to beat noob players?

How to beat noob players?
2014 March 31

I often have trouble when facing beginners, because many of the habitual maneuvers seem to don't work. They call 3bet semi-bluffs, cbets, good structured bluffs, etc…
Is it the only viable way to play ABC poker?

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How to beat noob players?
2014 March 31

Not exactly, you should play ABC poker but value-betting more than usual.

It's very simple, bluffs don't work? So don't bluff, the way to punish lose players is via value bet.

Comment: 2014 March 31

+1, don't semi-bluff, don't bluff, don't cbet but value bet with borderline hands.

Comment: 2014 April 01

Thanks for responding, good point.

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