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Strategy for a live rebuy tournament

Strategy for a live rebuy tournament
2014 April 01

I'm playing a live tournament with rebuys next Sunday. I know nothing about that kind of tournaments, any tips that can help me? Thank you.

(The entry is pretty low, my friend told me that pros don't play in that tournament).

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Strategy for a live rebuy tournament
2014 April 01

1 - Small live tournaments are wild, people are loose pre and post.

2 - Rebuy structure tournaments are even wilder.

3 - In the early stages people will go all-in with mediocre hands, try to build a big stack by the time rebuys are no longer available.

Comment: 2014 April 01

4 - Buy de "add-on", you get proportionally more chips than you pay for.

Comment: 2014 April 01

Thank you!

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