No-Limit Hold'em: Cash games
NL - Deep Stack

Hand 10



Hand 10

NL50 Holdem Poker Deep Stack 10 Hand Compilation - JJ from MP

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By:     2014 March 07

Papapoker and Eternum are 2 elite teachers :)


By:     2014 March 06

Very nice pack. One question, can everyone create strategy content?

By:     2014 March 08

Yes, every one is able to create tests and tutorials. But as you can see, the good ones are "highlighted" by the initiapoker staff. So every member may be a teacher, but only the good content will be taken into account.

By:     2014 March 12

I see, so if many advanced players collaborate they can create an awesome problem database... this is very interesting.

By:     2014 March 16

That's the idea :) and the best among them will be demanded as coaches.


By:     2014 March 09

Very interesting exercises Papapoker.


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