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NL10 Hand

NL Holdem Poker Deep Stack (AJs in BTN)

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By:     2014 March 14

Very interesting hand, but I think I had rather 3betted the flop vs this SLA. He probably has a semi-bluff or a total bluff and is trying to protect his BB, and by calling on the flop now you must face a difficult river decision.

But as played, calling the river bet is fine.

By:     2014 March 16

Agree, better re-raise the flop. I would have also called, but a 3bet is better :)

By:     2014 March 16

+1, 3bet the flop.

By:     2014 March 18

I think both lines are fine. Your hand is vulnerable to 2 overcards so probably 3betting is slightly superior, but by calling you gain some induce bluff potential on later streets.


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